Protective Packaging

We offer a range of product cushioning and packaging from various materials for customers' protective packaging requirements.
Our network of factory and warehousing facilities enables us to respond to orders quickly. Whilst our dedicated sales teams are on hand locally to provide consultation and after-sales support. 
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Foam remains the popular option for product cushioning. All materials do not contain CFCs and are 100% recyclable.



PP Danpla

PP Danpla is used in place of normal paper carton boxes when the packaging is for repeated use. It is easy to clean and is available in bright colours.



Our wood packaging incorporates innovative design with cushioning material to offer better protection in the transportation of heavy equipment.



Paper Pulp 

Moulded paper pulp is manufactured from 100% recycled paper. We have the manufacturing capabilities to offer the option of hot press and die-cut finishing.


Vacuum Form

Thermoforming plastic has very good dimensional accuracy, low tooling costs, short lead time and high throughput during production.