Equipping Samsung Mobile with the World’s Lightest Pallet

Airdex Pallet is a super lightweight pallet with a core of EPS foam encapsulated with HIPS sheet. Patented by Airdex International, Jebsen & Jessen Packaging Vietnam (JJPV) is licensed to manufacture and supply this pallet in Vietnam.
From March 2015, JJPV started supplying Airdex Pallet to the world’s largest Samsung mobile factory in Vietnam. With this solution, Samsung has been able to reduce its airfreight costs and environmental impact while improving the overall safety of its logistics chain. Weighing in at only 3.1kg, Airdex Pallet is much lighter than conventional wooden pallets, resulting in significant airfreight cost savings. Made of EPS foam and HIPS sheet, it is produced without harming a single tree. In addition, Airdex provides after-use services to customers, collecting and recycling pallets into raw materials. Its lightweightness, coupled with the absence of splinters and nails, eliminates the hazardous aspects of wooden pallet handling. Lower logistics costs, safer work environment and reduced environmental impact all point to a savvier and greener solution for Samsung Mobile.